Loving Healing Press Author to Use Her Books in Therapy for Trauma Victims


Loving Healing Press author Amy Barth will use her books on childhood abuse in treatment as she starts working as a therapist at a private therapy practice.Amy Barth

Amy Barth, author of two books for children on the topic of childhood sexual abuse – Will the Courageous and Annabelle’s Secret – did her master’s in Community Counseling, specializing in working with girls and women who have been traumatized by childhood sexual abuse. She has recently joined Warnecke Professional Counseling in Marietta, GA.

“I will be working with children and adults, and individual or couples therapy. I will also be running groups using expressive therapies,” says Barth whose area of expertise is sexual abuse. Some of the issues she expects to deal with in her patients include: women’s issues, eating disorders, bullying, and upscale domestic violence.

Barth says that she will use her books Will the Courageous and Annabelle’s Secret to help children relate what happened to them or as a prevention tool. She will use her third book 101 Tips For Survivors of Sexual Abuse to normalize feelings for those who are struggling.

“Childhood trauma is the main cause of troubling symptoms like low self esteem, insecurity, neediness, addictive behavior, suicidal ideation, fearfulness, and difficulties maintaining relationships in one’s life,” says Barth who is passionate about helping girls and women find their authentic selves, while helping them “rewrite” their lives stories to reflect their current situations.

“We all need to update the ‘stories’ we tell ourselves about our self,” she adds.

Visit amyjbarth.com to learn more about Amy Barth and her work.

About Loving Healing Press

Loving Healing Press Inc., based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, has published books about abuse recovery for toddlers, children, teenagers and adult survivors. Established in 2003, their authors include social workers, psychologists, psychiatrists, and survivors who have a unique empowering perspective to offer.